Case Study

Custom Business Proposal Builder for ManRoof

Client: Manroof GMBH
Country: Switzerland 🇨🇭
Type: Merchandise 

Technologies: Laravel. Bootstrap, snappyPDF
Hours: 130+

We have been providing a part-time remote developer for Manroof since 2021.

Manroof GmbH wants us to build them a solution to generate a quick proposal for their client. Where they can select their products and some pages then the system will generate a PDF proposal which can be sent to their customer.
We took the challenge and build the final product for them.


Their requirement was to build the software in PHP and Bootstrap.
The actual challenge was to make sure the product list should fit into a PDF page properly and should not break the flow of design while generating the PDF. It was hard to use bootstrap for pdf generation.


We used Laravel a PHP framework to build the complete Infrastructure really fast and Bootstrap for creating the front end. We have used snappyPDF, a pdf solution for Laravel.

We created a dynamic grid system for PDF generation that helps to keep the layout always stable in generated PDFs.


This software helps Manroof to save tons of time and money. It’s time-consuming to design the proposal using designing software and also costly as well. Now they can create their proposal with a few clicks and send it instantly.

Project ScreenShots