Case Study

Sanas – Furniture company website

Client:  StudioTEM
Country: Slovakia 🇸🇰
Type: Catalog/Product Showcase

CMS: WordPress
Tech: PHP, jQuery, Bootstrap, MapBox
Hours: 90+

We have been providing a full-time remote developer for StudioTEM since 2022.

Sanas wanted to redevelop its website with a new style and modern layout. They aimed to simplify their service and product categories separately. Additionally, they wanted to display all their store locations in an interactive way to enhance user experience. Their vision was to showcase products, services, and locations with a better user experience. Also, the website needs to be multilingual. 


1. Retaining all information from the old website.
2. Simplifying the homepage to include all services and products without compromising speed and SEO.
3. Creating interactive store locations.
4. Implementing separate user experiences for products and services. 
5. Finding the best multilingual solution. 


After the planning stage, we received the UI/UX design from the StudioTem team, and then we started the development of the project. Here is the breakdown of the process detailing how we achieved the desired result.

UI/UX Design

The UI/UX team broke down the entire website into separate categories and designed individual templates with different user experiences to distinguish between products and services.

For an improved store location experience, the designer planned a dynamic map with store location pins integrated into it.


Our talented Full Stack WordPress Development team then created a fully custom WordPress theme based on the designs, incorporating admin controls for easy management.

We have separated all the services and product types with separate admin pages using WordPress Custom Post Types for better control and management. These include options such as Shops, Kitchens, Projects, and Furniture, each with its own dedicated administrative interface (refer to the screenshot).

We have implemented form-based content editing for improved speed and optimization. Since the design is programmed directly into the theme template, admins can easily edit content without disrupting the design.

We’ve opted not to use any page builders, eliminating additional loads on the website and contributing to maintaining optimal website speed.

For our multilanguage solution, we’ve utilized the WPML plugin to set up different language versions of the website. This allows us to seamlessly manage and present content in multiple languages, ensuring a smooth experience for users across different linguistic backgrounds.

We’ve implemented the Mapbox API instead of the Google Maps API to minimize costs. Mapbox significantly reduces the expense of map data usage, slashing costs by up to 90%. For our minimal use cases, this translates to almost zero cost, making it a cost-effective solution for our needs. 

We have programmed

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Companies build websites to showcase and market their services and products, necessitating organization, fast loading times, and SEO friendliness.

WordPress is a popular choice due to its ease of use, flexibility, scalability, and SEO-friendly nature. Whether you’re building a website with or without code, WordPress offers extensive theme and plugin marketplaces, contributing to its dominance, powering over 45% of the web.

However, as websites grow larger, WordPress can become slower over time. This is where customized theme development, aligned with business needs, enabling scalability and ensuring the website’s longevity.

Michal Fehér

CEO - StudioTEM


Very satisfied with the professional…
Very satisfied with the professional approach and level of expertise.