WordPress is Easy but Hard as well

WordPress gives us unlimited power to build any website very fast and has lots of features for free. But it comes with lots of complications as well. 
Here you can learn about all the complications and how a WordPress expert overcomes those. 

Updates break the site

WordPress often get core update also themes and plugins get updated on a regular basis. Most of the time themes and plugins are not compatible with each update. also, many plugin authors don’t release their updates on a regular basis. Which causes fetal errors in the website and downtime of the website. Which may take long time to fix the site. 

Often hack and malware attack

As WordPress is open source, hackers can target WordPress easily and hack it. Outdated plugins, themes, and nulled themes can be sources of malware. Most of the time hackers release malware as a backdoor to get access to the website without having an account.  

Slow Website (Speed issue)

A non-expert developer keeps adding plugins for every feature and installing heavy themes for lots of free templates. these cause massive speed issues with the speed. 

Also when a website become a resource heavy after uploading lot’s of pictures and videos WordPress consume lot’s of server resources. Which also make WordPress website really slow.