Webermelon is a web design company specializing in creating beautiful, responsive websites for lawyers and law firms. We have developed a solo lawyer website design that is perfect for any lawyer who wants to establish a professional online presence.

This website design is responsive, ensuring it looks great on any device, and it is packed with features that will distinguish your website from others.

Some of the features include:

  • A homepage featuring your firm’s name, photos, and contact information.
  • An “About Us” page where you can share information about your team’s qualifications and experience.
  • A “Practice Areas” page highlighting the different legal specialities your firm offers.
  • A “Blog” page where you can share insights on the latest legal news and developments.
  • A “Resources” page provides valuable information for your clients.
  • A “Contact Us” page for potential clients to reach out.

Please contact us if you’re interested in a custom design tailored to your specific needs.

We will develop law firm website for you


Number of pages: 5-6
CMS: WordPress
We don’t rely on pre-made themes or templates available in the market. Instead, we create a unique theme specifically aligned to your needs. Our team will design a custom user interface and experience to match your requirements precisely.

Contact us

If you’re unsure about placing an order or need more than what we are offering, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information about our services. We’re available seven days a week to assist you.

How We Work

A quick overview of our development process. 
We try to maintain certified standards to maintain our work flow.

Project analysis

After figuring out what the client wants. We carefully make a list of all the features and plan the whole development process, including how long each step will take. We also do a rough sketch of the project at this step.

Wireframing and UI/UX Design

At this stage, we start putting together the project’s layout to give users the best experience. We make the first wireframe and talk to the client about it. Once we have the go-ahead, we move on to the final UI design.

Project Development

At this stage, we start to code the final design that has been approved. We start with Front-End development and let the client test the user experience. After the Front-End is approved, we start working on the Back-End development.

Testing, Deploy & Maintenance

We started to finish the project at this point. After the project has been built, our testing team will take over and start testing it. If we find any bugs in it, we fix them and send it to the client for review. After getting approval from the client, we put the project into production.

Our Clients

Our valuable customers who get their business success.


We are really focused on maintaining top customer communication and 
giving the best solution to our customers. See what our customers saying about us.

Alexandre le baube

Founder - Home Shapers


We have worked together during 2 full weeks in order to migrate my ecommerce website towards a new platform. Webermelon also custom coded a full secure platform for my clients in order to improve customer experience after their orders. This was a really difficult mission that he managed successfully !

Nico Oesch

Martech Lead - Coople (Schweiz) AG


On Coople we worked with webermelon on our new website. They implemented great designs and we were always happy with the service. Quality, quick reaction time and timely delivery what makes webermelon stand out.
Definitely going to work with them in the future.