Case Study

One Ear Up – Veterinary Recruiting​

Client: OneEarUp Veterinary Recruiter
Country: USA 🇺🇸
Type: Veterinary/Job Board/PaaS

Tech: Laravel. Bootstrap4
Hours: 90+

OneEarUp Veterinary Recruiter wants us to build them a system that can help them connect veterinary job candidates with the employer.


Their requirement was to make the system very simple so that people can come, create accounts and make their job done. So the signup process and job posting and application need to be simple and easy for anyone.


We used Laravel a PHP framework to build the complete Infrastructure really fast and Bootstrap for creating the front end. We make a few prototypes for user experience and then finalize one version based on client feedback.


This software helps OneEarUp to register their paid employers and also get candidates’ applications very easily. Now they don’t have to do any manual sorting for applications. The system gives them enough flexibility to sort list of job applications.

Project ScreenShots